6.5’ - 10’

Wet Weight

1,550 - 2,250 lbs.


62.5” - 82.5”

Fresh Water

20 - 27 Gallons

Adventure without Compromise

Explore further and push your limits without sacrificing comfort, stability, and reliability. Our slide-in campers are customized to fit your outdoor needs and engineered to go where RVs and fifth wheels dare not tread.

Lowered: A streamlined profile

Our telescopic, hydraulically-powered campers drop down while you travel to reduce wind resistance and provide a stable, more fuel-efficient excursion.

Raised: The space to relax

Arrive at your destination and raise the camper to expand the living area with the push of a button—providing ample headroom and space to relax, cook, and sleep in comfort.

Essentials in tow

Tow your adventure gear confidently—boats, small trailers, or ATVs included. Always check your vehicle’s towing capacity and braking guidelines before setting off with any towed vehicle or trailer. Towing beyond your vehicle’s specified limits can significantly impact its ability to brake effectively and safely, posing risks to yourself and others on the road.

A legacy of craftsmanship

Since our inception in 1957, we have preserved a legacy of quality craftsmanship, embodying a tradition of excellence in every Alaskan Camper we build—because every camper is built to last, designed to endure, and be passed down through generations.

I did extensive research and with the low profile design, the years of Alaskan’s reputation for quality as well as hard sided design, it made my choice obvious to choose Alaskan Campers.

-Steve Minor

This is our third Alaskan over the past 28 years. They’re the perfect rig for the way we like to explore.

-Tom H.

Cooktop and Sink

Elevate your culinary experiences in the wild with our integrated stainless steel sink and 2-burner Dometic stove, complete with a durable cast iron construction and sleek cover. This premium duo ensures easy cooking and clean-up, blending functionality with elegance to make your camper's kitchen practical and stylish. Upgrades to the cooktop and sink are available.

Counters, Cabinets, and Trim

In our campers, solid maple trim, hand-sanded to perfection, frames the custom handcrafted cabinetry, while the counters are finished with high-grade laminate for longevity. The drawers, constructed with custom dovetail joints, promise durability and a touch of elegance, ensuring a functional yet inviting interior for your explorations.

Seating & Sleeping

Equipped with premium fold-out seating, our campers offer versatile sleeping arrangements with durable material built to last. Choose from a standard bed size of 44” x 81” or opt for the extended cabover bed, measuring 55” x 81”, ensuring ample, comfortable space for a restful night.

Windows & Flooring

Our campers feature large, strategically placed windows that not only offer panoramic views of your surroundings but also fill the interior with natural light. The flooring is designed for both durability and ease of cleaning, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of adventure while maintaining a comfortable and inviting atmosphere inside.

Build Your Alaskan

Select Options
  • Length
  • Cabover
  • Exterior Color
  • Interiors
  • Systems
  • Finishings
$ 39,900
1,550 lbs.
Select Options



Select Floor Length

Choose your ideal floor length, ranging from 6.5′ to 10′, to perfectly fit your adventure needs and truck size.


Choose your ideal floor length, ranging from 6.5′ to 10′, to perfectly fit your adventure needs and truck size.


Choose your ideal floor length, ranging from 6.5′ to 10′, to perfectly fit your adventure needs and truck size.


Choose your ideal bed length, ranging from 6.5′ to 10′, to perfectly fit your adventure needs and truck size.


Choose your ideal bed length, ranging from 6.5′ to 10′, to perfectly fit your adventure needs and truck size.




Cabover Options

Having an extended cabover on your Alaskan Camper gives you additional room above the cab of your truck. This gives you an additional 54″ x 81″ area of comfort for sleeping.


Non-cabover campers have a smaller profile and weigh a bit less than our extended cabover campers.


Exterior Color

Exterior Color

Select Color





Select your Interior Package

Flexible Interior Packables

Explore our range of interior packages, each designed to cater to your unique taste and adventure needs. Customize your camper’s interior from durable classics to modern aesthetics, ensuring your space is both functional and stylish.

  • Durable materials meet cozy, cabin-like comfort
  • Modern styles blend ruggedness with aesthetic appeal
  • Tailor interiors to your unique adventure lifestyle
Durability meets 'little log cabin' charm; comfort and adventure in one.
Rugged, stylish comfort for explorers valuing toughness and aesthetic appeal.
For adventurers seeking rugged quality with cozy, home-like comfort.



Select your systems options

Essential Comforts for Off-Grid Life

Customize your camper’s core systems, including power, water, and climate control, to enhance your off-grid capabilities and comfort.

  • Choose solar panels for sustainable off-grid power
  • Optional water heater for warm showers anywhere
  • Upgrade with additional battery storage for longer trips
  • Tailor water storage to your travel needs.


Default Options
  • IOTA 45 Amp/Converter/Battery Charger w/ Smart Charger
Select add-ons


Default Options
  • 27 Gallon Water Tank (15 Gal/6.5′)
  • SHURFLO Electric Water Pump
Select add-ons

Heating & Cooling

Default Options
  • 20,000 BTU Suburban Forced Air Furnace
  • Spray Foam Insulation R-13
  • Maxx-Air Roof Vents w/ Reverse (2)
  • AC Wiring
  • 20lb Propane Tank w/ Gauge
  • Insulated Floors
Select add-ons



Select your custom options

Streamline Your Journey with Smart Features

Optimize your camper with functional enhancements like advanced lighting, essential equipment, and thoughtful modifications for a smoother journey.

  • Equip with necessary tools and equipment for self-sufficiency
  • Modifications available to maximize space and utility
  • Custom storage solutions to keep essentials organized.


Default Options
  • LED Interior, Porch, and Clearance Lights


Default Options
  • Jack Plates
  • Awning Rail
  • Torklift Folding Stairs
Select add-ons


Default Options
  • Stainless Steel Sink w/ cover
  • 2 Burner Dometic Stove (cast iron w/cover)
Select add-ons

Cabinetry & Seating

Default Options
  • Custom Handcrafted Cabinetry
  • Premium Fold Out Seating
  • Solid Maple Hand Sanded Trim
  • Custom Dovetail Drawers (Where Applicable)
Select add-ons


Select add-ons


Select add-ons

Simple Purchasing Process

Got some features in mind or would like to discuss options with our sales team? Let’s talk through your wishlist and get your questions answered before we get to work building your custom Alaskan Camper. Financing is available.

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