Founded in 1957

In 1953, inspired by a challenging adventure in the Alaskan wilderness and a box of matches, World War II veteran Don Hall and his wife Irene designed the first camper that could raise and lower, combining the comfort of home with the mobility needed for the outdoors. By 1958, the Halls launched the unparalleled “telescopic camper”, and Alaskan Campers was born, and word was traveling quickly.


Through the Decades

Over the years, Alaskan Campers evolved and began introducing innovative designs and expanding living spaces—all while maintaining our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. At our core are long-term, highly-skilled, craftsman employees, whose expertise ensures each custom-built camper meets the high standards expected by discerning outdoor enthusiasts without sacrificing durability, convenience, and functionality.


Going Forward

Heading into the future, we’re committed to honoring our adventurous roots and retaining our signature design but we’re also continually adding new features and finishes to evolve the brand and provide customers with more customization options. With significant upgrades to our production facility and new leadership taking the reins, we’re excited for the path ahead.

Build Your Alaskan

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